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Theravent Advanced Nightly Snore Therapy

Theravent Advanced Nightly Snore Therapy
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The Theravent uses your own breathing pressure to open your nasal airway and quiet snoring. Theravent is a small adhesive device that covers the nostrils. As you breathe in, tiny valves open, allowing you to breathe in normally. Then as you breathe out, the valves close to create a gentle pressure that naturally opens your nasal airway and clears any obstruction in the back of the throat to relieve snoring.

While snoring has numerous causes, common ones such as nasal congestion, relaxed throat muscles or suboptimal sleep posture can result in snoring that can only be addressed by outside means. This product unobtrusively address all of these causes with no hassle and no prescription. No other snoring solution uses the power of your own breath to clear both throat and nasal obstructions.

Theravent has been cleared by the FDA and is clinically proven to stop snoring. In studies done by Stanford University, 79% of participants got a better nights sleep when their partners used Theravent and the noise level of the snorers fell down to below the level of a whisper or 40 decibels. Theravent has been featured in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Good Morning America.

  • 14 "Regular Strength" nasal strips
  • Drug-free
  • Clinically proven to stop snoring
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for travel
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