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SnoreShield™ Anti Snoring Jaw Strap

SnoreShield™ Anti Snoring Jaw Strap
SnoreShield™ Anti Snoring Jaw Strap 1 SnoreShield™ Anti Snoring Jaw Strap 2
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The SnoreShield is a lightweight jaw strap that supports and holds the jaw forward to eliminate mouth snoring. When you’re asleep, the soft tissue at the back of the throat relaxes and drifts downward, partially blocking the air coming up and down the back of the throat. With an obstructed airway, loud vibrations in the throat (snoring) will occur. The SnoreShield Jaw Strap holds the jaw forward so that the airway is open and unrestricted. An open and unrestricted airway eliminates snoring well before it becomes a problem for the wearer or anyone else.

Snoring has a host of potential causes, many of which are beyond our control without outside measures. By keeping the jaw forward, the SnoreShield addresses several snoring causes that affect jaw position such as, age, relaxed throat tissue, sleep posture and nasal or sinus congestion. The SnoreShield also helps the wearer breath easily despite hereditary causes of snoring such as cleft palate, enlarged adenoids and tongue size. The SnoreShield is the best way to fix jaw and throat positioning for a better night’s sleep.

The strap is fully adjustable, hypo-allergenic and is designed to fit anyone in the family. Talking, drinking and of course, breathing through the mouth is easy with our SnoreShield Jaw Strap. In addition to being lightweight, washable and portable the SnoreShield is made of a durable polyesther material unlike many competing brands. Our SnoreShield allows you to rest your body and mind in deep sleep without any snoring interruptions. Never wake yourself or someone else again using the SnoreShield jaw strap. Don’t let snoring get in the way of the rest you need or the life you want to live.

  • Hypo-allergenic -Latex free
  • Fully Adjustable
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