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Jet lag, once the bane of the modern traveler, now stands defeated. These homeopathic, chewable tablets are clinically proven to safely and effectively in 75% of users, and it's all natural formula carries no side effects or drug interactions. Simply chew one on take off, then every two hours (four if sleeping), and one after landing, and enjoy your travels!

  • Chew one tablet on each take-off, one approximately every two hours, and one after landing. If sleeping, intervals of four hours acceptable. For most effective use, take separately from meals
  • No side effects or interactions
  • Sufficient for 40 hours of flying (that's equivalent to one around-the-world trip)
  • Ingredients incude: leopard's bane, daisy, wild chamomile, ipecac and clubmoss
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    product reviews

    Jalen M.
    These pills worked quite well for me on my latest trip to Europe. I followed the instructions (one pill at take off, one every two hours and one at landing) I felt I was more alert and had more energy upon arrival than with past trips. I was able to attend meetings that first day and actually function.
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