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Natural Wake-Up and Sleep System

Natural Wake-Up and Sleep System
Sleep System Light Therapy Included Scents Aroma Beads
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The Sound Oasis Natural Wake-Up and Sleep System combines natural light therapy and aromatherapy to help you fall asleep, and wake up refreshed. With a variety of settings, you can customize your alarm and how you wish to wake up. If you choose to use light therapy, the alarm clock slowly begins to simulate a sunrise 30 minutes before the alarm is set to go off. If you have chosen to add aromatherapy, once the light begins to brighten, the scent will diffuse. You can even choose to add nature sounds before the alarm goes off to gently wake you up!

Light therapy is proven to help you wake up more naturally and feel more engerized. It also helps maintain a natural and healthy circadian rhythm. The Natural Wake-Up and Sleep System comes with six nature sounds and four aromatherapy scents for you to choose from. This alarm also works in reverse for falling asleep. The light can dim for a reverse effect, helping you fall asleep. Whether you're looking for a soothing sound machine, a light therapy alarm clock, or an aromatherapy sleep aid, this Natural Wake-Up and Sleep System by Sound Oasis accomplishes it all!

  • 6 Nature Sounds:
    • Ocean Surf
    • Thunderstorm
    • White Noise
    • Spring Rain
    • Mountain Stream
    • Forest Stream
  • Backlit Alarm Clock - easy to read, dimmable display, snooze button
  • iPhone*/iPod*/MP3/CD Input - play music from these external sources through unit
  • Sleep Timer with Auto Shutoff - nature sounds play for 30, 60 or 90 min, or set for continuous play
  • Outlet Powered with Battery Backup - power unit with included AC adapter
  • Backup keeps alarm active during power outages

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