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NasiVent Tube Plus

NasiVent Tube Plus
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The NasiVent Tube Plus is the ultimate solution to nasal obstructions that lead to snoring. The NasiVent consists of two connected, slightly conical tubes and is inserted into the nostrils before sleeping. By slightly spreading the nostrils, it leads to improved nasal breathing and minimizes the negative breathing effects of nasal or sinus congestion. Breathing through your nose also ensures that nitric oxide can be produced in your sinuses. Studies show that nitrous oxide has a favorable effect on blood pressure. Being able to breath through the upper airway at night also makes it less likely that you will end up sleeping on your back and breath through your mouth (a common cause of mild snoring). This means that you will snore much less and get a better night’s sleep.

With proper use, the NasiVent Tube Plus lasts for years at a time, so if you endure consistent and prolonged snoring caused by nasal blockages from allergies, airway narrowing due to age or a deviated septum, this product is for you. There are several effective short-term solutions for nasal congestion induced snoring that work in a pinch but this is the most effective long term solution by far.

The NasiVent Tube Plus is the most comfortable and durable nose dilator on the market today and can even be adjusted for length. Its superior ergonomic design ensures that it will fit into a variety of different types of noses unlike some of its competitors. Each tube set is made of the same silicon material as contact lenses and contain no irritants. They are designed for repeated use and are easy to clean with a simple wash of soap and water. With Nasivent Tubes, your airways are clear and your sleep undisturbed.

  • Available in multiple sizes to ensure the best fit
  • Silicone tubes can be trimmed to fit properly
  • Made of durable and soft silicone that won’t irritate any skin or membrane
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    product reviews

    Drew D
    I have tried many anti-snoring products, some work better than others. These tubes have been working out great for me. I hardly notice they are there and they really help to keep my passages open at night.
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