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Illumi Gradual Wakeup Digital Clock

Illumi Gradual Wakeup Digital Clock
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The Illumi Ambient WakeUp Light is the latest in mood light and sound therapy to wind you down or wake you up soothingly. By connecting the Ilumi to your smart phone, you can have the Illumi wake you at the optimal moment based on your sleep cycle. The Illumi includes thousands of hues, and a dusk/dawn simulation so that you fall asleep and wake up in the smoothest way possible.

By syncing to your phone, your Illumi “alarm” can blend lighting sequences and nature sounds for any mood while enhancing your home décor. It goes beyond most alarms by including 6 built in natural sounds and it can connect to play music from the radio or any other music device. It’s also possible to preset light changing modes to match with whatever sound is playing.

The lighting is composed of three parts with a contemporary design with long lasting energy efficient LEDs. Its futuristic design lets you select a color by merely touching the circular halo. The free Illumi app displays total sleep time, average sleep time and other statistics. If you’re looking for the most modern wake-up and sleep light therapy available, this gradual wakeup digital clock is the way to go.

  • Wakes you up with gradual increases of light and sound
  • Choose from 1,000's of hues of light by touching the halo or through the App
  • 6 built-in nature sounds which include Riverside Morning, Gentle Rain, Deep Water, Sunset Sonata, Private Beach and Hidden Forest
  • Digital clock, Alarm uses Nature sounds or FM radio
  • Audio line-in option so you can plug in an external music device like iPod/iPhone
  • Free App displays total sleep time, average sleep time, sleep statics and you can control your alarm settings
  • Energy efficient and long lasting LED technology
  • Powered by AC/DC adaptor included
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