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Chillow Plus

Chillow Plus
Chillow Plus Chillow Plus Chillow Plus
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The Chillow Plus combines everything we love about the Chillow - pillow cooling technology in a comfortable memory foam insert - with great new features. With new two-sided cooling technology, the Chillow Plus can be used virtually anywhere, not just for your pillow! Built to be more flexible than the original Chillow, the Chillow Plus is ideal for use around legs, joints, and aching muscles. The Chillow Plus is perfect for those with an active lifestyle. From sunburns to sore muscles to hot flashes, the Chillow Plus will bring you satisfying comfort. The soft backing means better grip to surfaces, and the optional Velcro straps ensure that the Chillow Plus does not move around during use.

The Chillow and Chillow Plus both use SoothSoft technology with water to absorb and then dissipate heat back into the air producing a dry, natural, gentle cooling effect. No refrigeration, electricity, or gel is required for its cooling effects. Both can be refrigerated if use as a cold pack is desired.

  • Fits standard pillow sizes
  • HydroSoothe surface reformulated so as not to "grip and irritate skin" as you use Chillow PLUS as a wrap
  • Comes complete with 6 pairs of stick on velcro pieces to ensure Chillow Plus stays in place when wrapped around joints - not required when used under pillow
  • Easy, one-time set up - follow directions when filling
  • Does not require refrigeration, but can be refrigerated for extra cold comfort
  • Chillow Plus : 13.5 x 20.5 x .625" Made in USA. 2 Side Cooling. Thicker foam. Last Longer. Weighs 5 lbs activated.
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