The Complete Guide to Snoring Solutions

zzz'sWhen you, or a loved one, snores, it has the potential to ruin a great nights sleep. With all of the remedies out there, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. The SleepBetterShop is here to provide you with a helpful guide to assist you with your anti-snoring solution.

Anti-Snoring Jaw Strap

snoreshield_1Snoring can occur as a result of a blocked airway. By using a jaw strap, your jaw is held forward, keeping your airways open and unrestricted. The SnoreShield is fully adjustable, eliminating the need to figure out what size to buy. This product is a great choice for someone who suffers from snoring due to jaw alignment.

Nasal TubesNasiVent_1If you suffer from snoring due to nasal obstruction, the NasiVent Tube is a great choice to help reduce snoring. These silicone tubes sit inside the nostril to help dilate it. The tubes allow for unobstructed air to pass in through the nose. If you suffer from a deviated septum, this product is also recommended. With proper care, the NasiVent Tube can last for years, making it a perfect long-term solution. Other nasal decongestion aids work for short-term relief, but if your symptoms are recurring and due to a physical obstruction, the NasiVent is for you.

Nasal Strips

Breathe_Right_Strips_1When our sinuses are blocked or stuffed up, we tend to breathe through our mouths. This can lead to snoring. There are a number of nasal strips on the market that help to open up your airways and relieve nasal congestion. Some strips, like Breathe Right, sit atop of your nose, using adhesive to gently pull upward to help open your airways. These are disposable strips that adhere to your skin. A different style, like Theravent strips, sit under your nose, covering the nostrils. Theravent strips use your personal breathing pressure to open your passages and relieve snoring. There are tiny valves on these strips that allow you to inhale as normal, but gently cause pressure as you exhale, helping to relieve nasal obstructions. Whichever route you choose, nasal strips tend to be a less expensive, short-term solution to snoring

The Back Off

back-off-prod-photo-300x186Snoring can be caused by improper posture as well as nasal and airway obstructions. This clever solution prevents you from sleeping on your back which can cause snoring. If you or a loved one only snores due to their sleeping positions, give this device a try. It’s comfortable, adjustable, and reusable. If the idea of sticking something up, or on, your nose seems a bit extreme, the Back Off is worth a shot.

We hope you’ve learned which snoring solution is right for you! To see all that the SleepBetterShop has to offer, click here!