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The Best iPhone Apps for Falling Asleep and Waking Up

Falling asleep can be hard; waking up can be harder. Here are the best IOS apps for falling asleep and waking up- brought to you by SleepBetterShop.

Apps for Falling Asleep

White Noise AppWhite Noise Apps: In layman’s terms, white noise is specific type of noise used to mask background sounds. White noise apps can be useful in preventing outside sounds that distract you from falling asleep or wake you up during sleep. Try White Noise/White Noise Lite. Recommended by Dr. Oz, it features ambient sounds such as “Ocean Waves”, “Brown Noise”, as well as “Stream Water”, and the ever-popular “Air Conditioner.”

Sleep & BrainwavesBrainwave Entrainment Apps: The theory behind brain entrainment music is that certain aural frequencies can be created and optimized to encourage the brain to fall into deep meditation or sleep. BrainWave by Banzai Labs is a popular Binaural Brainwave Entrainment app with over 30 ambient sounds and alarms. Brainwave is great for more than just sleep- as it also has tones for concentration, energy, and meditation.

Sleep & Relaxation AppRelaxation Technique Apps: If anxiety is all too eager to pull an all-nighter with you, then apps aimed at reducing stress before bedtime will help you falling asleep faster. Relax & Rest Guided Meditations features deep breathing techniques, guided meditations, and music relaxation to help you de-stress and fall asleep fast. A great runner up is Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson, mainly because he sounds like Sean Connery.

Apps for Waking Up

Sleep Apps that Gradually Wake You UpAlarm Apps to Gradually Wake You Up: Waking up to a blaring alarm clock is unpleasant and, with the right app, completely unnecessary. ZenAwake is a great alarm app that has a variety of alarms that start out calm and soothing, and over the course of roughly 10 minutes slowly get louder and more energetic. Great for those who are sensitive to alarms, but more sensitive to being jolted awake in the morning.

sleep-cycleAlarm Apps that Follow Your Sleep Cycle: Waking up in the middle of deep sleep can leave you disoriented and unhappy. Luckily new apps on the market can be programmed to only wake you up at your lightest sleep phase. This reduces that “groggy” feeling one gets after waking up. SleepCycle– Sleep Cycle is a “bio-alarm” that uses the accelerometer in IOS devices to monitor sleep movements such as rolling around in order to determine which sleep phase the sleeper is in. In a set frame around when you want to wake up, it determines when you are in your lightest sleep phase and wakes you up.

wake&shakeExtreme Alarm Apps to Wake You Up: Sometimes only the big guns will do. Big guns like canons going on off right around your bed. If you need extreme sounds in the morning, check out Wake N Shake. This merciless alarm clock has no snooze button, and requires you to vigorously shake it to stop the blaring alarm. It comes with volume controls, variable alarm sounds and a shuffle sounds option to keep you on your toes, but one thing you will no get is mercy.

That’s our roundup of apps for falling asleep and waking up. Check them out and take control of your sleep cycle!