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Effects of Noise Pollution on Sleep for City-Dwellers

Effects of Noise Pollution: City Life Ruins Sleep

Living in a city means dealing with harsh noises at all hours of the day. There are many effects of noise pollution, but one of the most obnoxious is the loss of precious sleep that results from the many nighttime sounds of a booming metropolis.

Effects of Noise Pollution on Sleep for City-Dwellers

The constant noise of city life might be sapping your sleep.

Loud City, So What?

You may think that everyone deals with disruptions during sleep, but those of us living in cities may be suffering more than most. Scientific research shows that people living in areas with high traffic noise get lower quality sleep. One of the causes of sleeplessness, traffic noise causes people to wake up more frequently throughout the night. Even if you aren’t waking up frequently in the night, the city sounds can still disrupt your sleep and your body. Such studies also find that people move more and experience heart rate elevations in the middle of the night when sleeping in high traffic noise areas. Some research has even suggested that chronic traffic noise during the night can increase the risk for health problems like cardiovascular disease.

Effects of Noise Pollution on Children

The effects of noise pollution might be more severe for children.

Scientific studies suggest some people, including children, may be especially vulnerable to sleep disturbances due to noise pollution. Research into noise pollution effects shows that, in addition to getting lower quality sleep, children in areas with high traffic noise are more likely to experience sleepiness during the day.

How to Combat the Effects of Noise Pollution on Your Sleep

For most people, moving to a quieter part of town is not an option for combatting the effects of noise pollution. How, then, can you get better sleep without giving up your city life? The key comes from understanding why we actually wake up when a door slams in the house. Studies have shown that it isn’t the volume of a noise that rouses people; it is actually the volume of that noise relative to the background noise level.

White noise machines generate a constant source of noise that many people find soothing. These machines raise the baseline background volume, so that the sound of a door slamming isn’t quite so disruptive. Research has shown that a white noise machine can help reduce the disruptiveness of noises during sleep and can potentially minimize noise pollution effects.

Tired of waking up in the middle of the night or lying in bed trying to fall asleep? Annoyed by late-night sirens or car horns? Feeling like loud noises are one of the causes of sleeplessness? Try using a white noise machine and see if you can get a better night’s sleep.

A Guide to Sound Conditioners

WhiteMillions of people suffer from difficulty sleeping. There are a variety of ways to help ourselves fall, and stay, asleep. One of the most popular is a Sound Conditioner. These machines provide a consistent and soothing soundtrack of white noise, or other sounds. Sound machines moderate the noise level of our environment and have been proven to help us relax and aid in sleep. There are countless models and innumerable audio options when it comes to sounds machines. This post will help explain  white noise, and a few of the most popular styles of conditioners.

What is White Noise?

White Noise is essentially a sound containing all of the frequencies within our range of hearing, played with with equal intensities. Our brains can’t pick out the individual frequencies, so it sounds like a cohesive, soothing hum. In fact, a lot of the sound machines on the market don’t actually produce white noise, but rather pink noise. Pink noise draws out the lower frequencies which can be helpful for those that find the harsher, upper frequencies of true white noise irritating.

Why White Noise?

White noise is commonly used as a masking effect. For people that suffer from tinnitus, or live in a city, white noise is often relief from irritating noises that prevent you from sleeping. When we wake up due to a bump in the night, it may not be the actual noise that wakes us, but rather the immediate change in noise in our environment. White noise helps to regulate sound, creating a stable noise environment.


The Marpac Dohm


The original, and possibly most popular, sound machine on the market is the Marpac Dohm. Recognized by it’s circular shape, the Dohm is a white-noise-only sound machine. That’s not to say it isn’t customizable. You can alter the tone and volume of the white noise, to find the frequency that soothes you best. Depending on the model you purchase, there are also a variety of speeds of white noise. This is a great option for any environment that needs noise masking, whether in a nursery or a college dorm room.

Sound Oasis Sleep Sound Therapy Systems


The Sound Oasis collection offers a variety of Sound Machines, from plain white noise, to interchangeable sound cards, to radio alarms. Customers appreciate the variety of sounds they get with these models. Common sounds include stream, thunderstorm, breaking surf, and summer night. If you need a sound machine more to mask external disturbances this collection is a wonderful option.

Sharper Image Sound Soothersound-soother

This sound conditioner is much more customizable, as it comes equipped with 20 digitally recorded sounds, and a dual alarm. The Sound Soother is also a clock-radio, so if you choose not to utilize the various sound conditioners, you can tune it to your favorite station. With a built in timer, you can choose to play your sounds continuously, or program it to shut off after a certain amount of time. If you want a dual white nose machine and alarm clock to reduce clutter on the nightstand, or if you like plenty of variety, this is a top rated sound machine.

‘Lectro Fan


The ‘Lectro Fan offers a variety of twenty different noise variations. You have the option of ten different electric fan sounds, and ten variations of white noise. This is a popular product for offices, as it also provides privacy. It’s convenient size makes the ‘Lectro Fan a great choice for travel as well. If you know you only want white noise, but want a wider selection of frequency this is widely recognized and effective.

No matter which model you decide is right for you, the quality of sleep you’ll experience with your Sound Conditioner may help lead you towards a healthier, happier life!


The Complete Guide to Snoring Solutions

zzz'sWhen you, or a loved one, snores, it has the potential to ruin a great nights sleep. With all of the remedies out there, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. The SleepBetterShop is here to provide you with a helpful guide to assist you with your anti-snoring solution.

Anti-Snoring Jaw Strap

snoreshield_1Snoring can occur as a result of a blocked airway. By using a jaw strap, your jaw is held forward, keeping your airways open and unrestricted. The SnoreShield is fully adjustable, eliminating the need to figure out what size to buy. This product is a great choice for someone who suffers from snoring due to jaw alignment.

Nasal TubesNasiVent_1If you suffer from snoring due to nasal obstruction, the NasiVent Tube is a great choice to help reduce snoring. These silicone tubes sit inside the nostril to help dilate it. The tubes allow for unobstructed air to pass in through the nose. If you suffer from a deviated septum, this product is also recommended. With proper care, the NasiVent Tube can last for years, making it a perfect long-term solution. Other nasal decongestion aids work for short-term relief, but if your symptoms are recurring and due to a physical obstruction, the NasiVent is for you.

Nasal Strips

Breathe_Right_Strips_1When our sinuses are blocked or stuffed up, we tend to breathe through our mouths. This can lead to snoring. There are a number of nasal strips on the market that help to open up your airways and relieve nasal congestion. Some strips, like Breathe Right, sit atop of your nose, using adhesive to gently pull upward to help open your airways. These are disposable strips that adhere to your skin. A different style, like Theravent strips, sit under your nose, covering the nostrils. Theravent strips use your personal breathing pressure to open your passages and relieve snoring. There are tiny valves on these strips that allow you to inhale as normal, but gently cause pressure as you exhale, helping to relieve nasal obstructions. Whichever route you choose, nasal strips tend to be a less expensive, short-term solution to snoring

The Back Off

back-off-prod-photo-300x186Snoring can be caused by improper posture as well as nasal and airway obstructions. This clever solution prevents you from sleeping on your back which can cause snoring. If you or a loved one only snores due to their sleeping positions, give this device a try. It’s comfortable, adjustable, and reusable. If the idea of sticking something up, or on, your nose seems a bit extreme, the Back Off is worth a shot.

We hope you’ve learned which snoring solution is right for you! To see all that the SleepBetterShop has to offer, click here!









A Pro’s Guide to Getting Better Sleep While Traveling

It is said that travel is the only that you can buy that will make you richer. And while you might want to expand your travel bounty as far as the eye can see (and further!) travel by plane, trains or automobiles can do a number on your body, especially where sleep is concerned. Here we’ve assembled a brief guide to help you fall asleep while traveling so you can wake at your destination rested and ready.



No Lights, No Action

Sleep usually comes in the night or in the day to the relaxed. But it can be hard to relax fully when you’re in the full upright and locked position. In order to get to sleep closing your eyes might not be enough. Luckily a baseball hat or eye mask works very well as an effective eye cover. The sun might be streaming in to greet you but you owe it to yourself to trick your circadian rhythms into slumber.


Bring The Sounds Of Silence

Of course some people can sleep through a ruckus. Heck, someone is falling asleep right now at a metal concert. But on a plane, or a bus or a train listening to the consistent sound of wind is no lullaby. Noise cancelling headphones that can play all kinds of soothing stuff, ear plugs  or a beanie hat work to cover the ears in a pinch and will keep the crying baby, barking dog or loud talker from being a bother. Then you can begin your customary “Good night moon,” pre-sleep ritual.

The Tao Of the Neck Pillow

A common mistake that people make with the neck pillow is to place it with the opening in front of them. The correct way to wear a neck pillow is for the opening to be facing behind you so that when your head droops down, the pillow catches you and you drift right up; rather than your head fall and wake yourself up with a jolt.


Planning Ahead For Sleeping Comfort

There are certain little things that can help you in advance of sleep that will set you right. Avoid overly sweet or fatty meals before your flight, as this makes you jumpy and gives your body a lot of work to do. Start drinking plenty of water 5-6 hours before your flight/journey so you don’t get dehydrated.  And of course use the bathroom and eat a small meal before sleeping, the tried and true recipe for sleep short of an Ambien & Benadryl.