A Pro’s Guide to Getting Better Sleep While Traveling

It is said that travel is the only that you can buy that will make you richer. And while you might want to expand your travel bounty as far as the eye can see (and further!) travel by plane, trains or automobiles can do a number on your body, especially where sleep is concerned. Here we’ve assembled a brief guide to help you fall asleep while traveling so you can wake at your destination rested and ready.


Source: bedpostblog.com

No Lights, No Action

Sleep usually comes in the night or in the day to the relaxed. But it can be hard to relax fully when you’re in the full upright and locked position. In order to get to sleep closing your eyes might not be enough. Luckily a baseball hat or eye mask works very well as an effective eye cover. The sun might be streaming in to greet you but you owe it to yourself to trick your circadian rhythms into slumber.


Bring The Sounds Of Silence

Of course some people can sleep through a ruckus. Heck, someone is falling asleep right now at a metal concert. But on a plane, or a bus or a train listening to the consistent sound of wind is no lullaby. Noise cancelling headphones that can play all kinds of soothing stuff, ear plugs¬† or a beanie hat work to cover the ears in a pinch and will keep the crying baby, barking dog or loud talker from being a bother. Then you can begin your customary “Good night moon,” pre-sleep ritual.

The Tao Of the Neck Pillow

A common mistake that people make with the neck pillow is to place it with the opening in front of them. The correct way to wear a neck pillow is for the opening to be facing behind you so that when your head droops down, the pillow catches you and you drift right up; rather than your head fall and wake yourself up with a jolt.


Planning Ahead For Sleeping Comfort

There are certain little things that can help you in advance of sleep that will set you right. Avoid overly sweet or fatty meals before your flight, as this makes you jumpy and gives your body a lot of work to do. Start drinking plenty of water 5-6 hours before your flight/journey so you don’t get dehydrated.¬† And of course use the bathroom and eat a small meal before sleeping, the tried and true recipe for sleep short of an Ambien & Benadryl.